Stop Motion Animation class--Fridays, 10am-noon, June 28-August 16

Stop Motion Animation class--Fridays, 10am-noon, June 28-August 16


This class will guide kids through the process of creating their own stop motion animation. There will be 8 two hour sessions that will have kids exploring materials, processes and ideas that will be applied each week from creating a flip book that develops pacing, animating a drawing as it’s created, designing their own animation from conception to character/set design all the way through sound and final credits.

This class is for for folks 10 and older (I, an adult, and my older teen children love this activity)

  • Day one: Becoming familiar with stop motion animation and how it works. We will watch a couple brief animations that utilize various materials and styles. Kids will then practice using stop motion to animate a drawing as it’s being developed using charcoal, pastels, chalk, collage, and/or markers. These will be brief and clunky, but help kids realize the limits and advantages of stop motion animation.

  • Day two: Character design and pacing. Kids will have full access to a variety of materials that are needed to create their characters. Then we will make flip books to see how many “frames” it takes to speed things up or slow things down. Kids can then add or remove frames to adjust as needed.

  • Day three: Story boarding. Kids will make rough thumbnail sketches to block out action sequences to determine sets and props needed and ensure the project is complex enough to convey the story, but concise enough to be finished in the time frame.

  • Day four: Set design. Kids will create sets (either 2D or 3D) using whatever materials they choose: collage, paint, charcoal, crayons, sculpture, colored pencils or a combination of all of the above.

  • Day five: Trial run. Kids will do a trial run of their animation, make final adjustments to sets, characters and sequencing.

  • Days six , seven and eight: We will work individually or in groups to help each other shoot the animations in Stop Motion, add a sound tracks or dialogue and credits. Preview and fine tune.

Kids work at different paces, so the structure of these days is somewhat flexible. Some kids may finish early and make two animations. Some may spend a few days on set and character design and need less time filming and editing. I will support kids taking the time they need to accomplish their vision, but, also, keep them moving along so they finish in the time allotted. And as always, kids should leave feeling that art is collaborative, not competitive and that we all help each other to be better.

Animations will be played on the big screen at the Egyptian Theatre during the September wine walk. Kids may invite family members and friends to the “opening”. There is no charge to attend.

If kids miss a day or need more time on a specific step, studio time can be scheduled.

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