How do I sign up for classes? There are several ways: purchase your ticket by adding the event you are interested in to your cart. When you check out, the payment goes through PayPal. In theory, you do NOT need an account with PayPal. Another option is to contact me with how many tickets you would like for which event. I can then send you an online invoice through The Square. The final option is to pay at the door. If you want to pay when you arrive, contact me within 24 hours of the event to be sure there is a spot available. At the LAB, I accept cash, check and credit cards.

I clicked “going” on the Facebook event, is that the same as registering? No. Only payment can truly reserve your spot.

What is your refund policy? I am happy to issue a full refund or transfer your registration if you let me know up to three days in advance. If it is three or less days before the event, it depends. If I’ve turned folks away, am unable to sell your spot or it brings the attendance down below my minimum, I cannot refund or transfer your fees. If your cancellation does not effect who else can attend the event, I am happy to transfer your registration fees and you have 6 months to redeem your credit. There is no refund or transfer of registration for a no show/no call.

What should I bring? Nothing. I provide all the supplies, food and beverage, and instruction. But remember, we are painting in acrylics that often do not wash out of clothes, so dress accordingly.

I can’t draw a straight line, can I still do this painting? Yes. While some paintings do have a drawing aspect to them, that part is, also broken down into manageable steps. I provide individual assistance with all the steps of the painting, including the drawing portions.

What is the difference between a Juicy and a Tipsy canvas event?

  • They are all ages —Young kids and adults enjoy the Juicy Canvas events. Often times, entire families come to paint together.

  • The paintings are less complex, but no less fun. And folks are always welcome to make them as complex as they want.

  • There is only a light snack and beverages.

Why do some Tipsy events allow older teens and others do not? I like to keep some just for adults, so there can be a different vibe and different humor. If you have an older teen that would like to attend a Tipsy event, contact me at least 5 days in advance and I can see if it will work to change the age limit. OR, I can do the painting again with a more inclusive age limit.

My child is older/younger than the recommended age limit, can he or she still attend? Perhaps. There are several questions to ask yourself when considering

  • Is your child content to sit and work on the same project for 1.5-2 hours?

  • How are your child’s fine motor skills? Sometimes the event age limit is set because it requires a preciseness of shape/brush stroke or a complex blending skill.

  • How does your child handle frustration?

  • Often in the painting events, there are stages that look worse before they look better. Will your child be okay with this part of the process?

    It often has less to do with age and more to do with personality and developmental stages. Some 5 year olds have great fine motor skills while some 12 year olds may struggle. Some adults have trouble sitting with the unattractive stages of a painting while some kids have no problem. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.