Basics of Acrylic Painting - Thursdays, 6-9pm, June 27-August 15

Basics of Acrylic Painting - Thursdays, 6-9pm, June 27-August 15

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Each of these classes are a stand alone class, but the Basics of Color class that is offered several time over the summer IS A PREREQUISITE FOR ANY/ALL of the classes. We will be mixing all of our colors and relying heavily on the color theory and practices from the color class.

Classes will focus on a different painting concept and technical skill per session. The basic structure of each class will be roughly the same: Discussion with examples of how other artists have used the concepts we will be working on, demonstration and/or exercise, leaving the remainder of class time to work on your painting. The focus will be on the skill, and not the finished product. While some may leave with a completed painting, all will leave with enough practice to be able to use the skill in future paintings and/or to complete your painting at home. While these are stand alone classes, the skills do build on one another so as the sessions progress, so do the difficulty level. But all skill levels are welcome and anyone can jump in at anytime to work at whatever level they are at.

For teens and adults. If you have a younger child interested, contact me.

Classes are $40/ each or $250 for all seven. All supplies are included in the cost.

June 27—Value, light and shadow—using value and light to create form and depth in a still life:

Students will create value scales, thumbnail sketches, a value study of the still life and discuss the principles of atmospheric perspective. When we move on to our painting, an underpainting will be created, followed by the use of value to move still life items forward and back within the the painting.

July 11—A Still Life of Neutrals—creating a soft, neutral palette to create a still life.

This class will have students studying composition of a single subject, creating thumbnails, a value study, value scales using complimentary colors and gesture sketching/painting before moving on to the underpainting and using complimentary colors to create a painting of neutrals.

July 18—Shape and color—creating a color palette then reducing a landscape/floral to shape.

Students will work on creating personal color palettes that provide the full spectrum of color while remaining limited and cohesive. Participants will use their palette to create a landscape using only shape and color during the second hour of class. And for the final hour, we will then use color fields to control the line weight that, in conjunction with shape, will describe depth. For this class, students need to bring: a photo or magazine clipping of a landscape to work from and nine paint chips from each of the six basic colors. Each of the color sets of paint chips should include a wide variety of tones that range from the lightest light, to the darkest dark.

July 25—Glazing and a Landscape of Clouds

Students will learn glazing techniques that can be applied to any painting, clouds or no clouds. Working from a photograph, students will create value sketch, practice glazing and blending to create the mix of soft and crisp edges used to describe clouds, whether you paint them stylized or naturalistic.

August 1—Pattern and abstraction

Students will use plants and florals to experiment with several different types of abstraction from creating pattern to describe different foliage to zooming in and focusing on the nuanced shape differences of various plants and flowers for up close compositions.

August 8—Expressive portraiture

Let’s first practice drawing faces and then painting them! Using line and the build up of layers and values, students will practice painting facial features. We will use a variety of media to aid in keeping painting loose and expressive.

August 15—Expressive Pet Portraits

First we will practice sketching from a photograph, create a value study and color palette, then, again using line and the build up of layers and values, students will paint their pet. We will use a variety of media to aid in keeping painting loose and expressive.

Do not hesitate to email, text or call me if you have any questions: or 541.217.0830.

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