Drawing Skillz - Wednesdays, 3-5pm, June 26-August 14

Drawing Skillz - Wednesdays, 3-5pm, June 26-August 14

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Whether you want to draw realistically or expressively, this class will help sharpen your drawing skills and exercise your observation muscles. Each of these 8 drawing sessions will have participants practicing a general skill using a specific subject matter and learning how to use all of the elements of design to create stronger drawings. There will be a brief demo or instruction, perhaps some art to observe and then we will go on to practice. While each session builds on the previous, these are stand alone classes. Anyone can jump in at any time. Take one, take them all or just pick and choose based on your summer schedule.

The cost $20/per session or $128 when you purchase all 8.

Students should plan on bringing their own 9 x 12 sketchbook, 2B pencil, kneaded eraser and handheld pencil sharpener and anything else you have that you like to use when drawing.

The LAB will provide: large or heavier duty paper for specific sessions, mixed media supplies mentioned above. I will have 2B pencils on hand as well as basic erasers.

There are no age restrictions for this class, but please refer to the “Is this class right for me (my child)” page under FAQ.

  • June 26—Gesture and the still life—we will make a value scale, talk about composition, thumbnail sketches, and the benefits of starting out by working quickly and with no erasers (how to make corrections without an eraser). We will, then look for the shapes within the shapes to build volume with value.

  • July 3—Single Subject still life and Negative space—How to engage the negative space to make even the most mundane of subjects visually interesting.

  • July 10—Faces—we will learn the basics of drawing faces that starts much like our first still life lessons, how to make corrections, build up the features slowly to capture a likeness and then branch out into some more expressive rendering using a variety of media.

  • July 17—A landscape of clouds—working from a reference photo, we will make value studies of landscapes that are 80% clouds. We will practice layering techniques and creating a softness with different pencil softness, value build up and our kneaded eraser. Participants may work from reference materials I have in the lab, or bring their own.

  • July 24—Atmospheric perspective—we will return to drawing from observation by heading outside with our sketching supplies after we spend some time discussing the rules of atmospheric perspective. We will work on creating depth in a landscape using atmospheric perspective while “in the field”.

  • July 31—Linear perspective—even if drawing realistically isn’t your jam, learning how linear perspective works can help build a believable landscapes when working with structures. This class will have participants in the field again, drawing the neighborhood buildings. Once we have our basic drawings, we’ll head back into the LAB to finish them off however you choose. I will have a variety of materials (pastels, colored pencils, water media, charcoal, pen and ink). With the basic building blocks in place, we can then play with abstraction, expressiveness and how far you want to stray from the truth.

  • August 7—Markmaking to build texture—First we will spend sometime exploring marks and different line qualities. Then, working in house and from a still life that has more information than can possible be described, we will generate marks that build up a texture to describe the different plants and flowers of the subject. We will work on abstracting nature through repetition and pattern. There is room for you to work as abstract or representational and you prefer.

  • July 14—Combining it all—We will head to an antique shop down the street. Participants can choose their own still life, focusing on one or sketching several. Then heading back into the studio, we can build our sketches into complete (or as complete as time will allow) drawings.

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