Basics of Color

Basics of Color


This class is a prerequisite for all of the other basic skills acrylic painting classes, but anyone interested in color mixing, color theory and building your own personal color palette is welcome to take it. Color mixing and theory is the foundation of painting. This is a one session class that will be offered several times over the summer.

The class will include making a color wheel that is not limited to the 6 basic colors. We will explore color bias, the tertiary colors, using compliments to neutralize color, color matching, creating skin tones, as well as other color matching and creating exercises. We will discuss the difference of color and value followed by making value scales for various colors. We will be working on heavy duty paper that notes can be made on and can be easily stored for your reference.

The cost for the one session class is $35 and all supplies are provided. Students need to bring nine paint chips from each of the six basic colors (red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange). Each of the color sets of paint chips should include a wide variety of tones that range from the lightest light, to the darkest dark.

We will discuss supplies, different kinds of paint, brushes, and surfaces to paint on and other tools that can be used as well as, touching on the painting process and layering acrylics.

This class is for teens and adults. If you think it would be a good fit for a younger child, contact me and we can go from there.

Currently scheduled Basics of Color sessions:

Thursday, June 20, 6-9pm

Tuesday, July 2, 6-9pm

Monday, July 15, 6-9pm

Saturday, July 20, 2-5pm

Feel free to email or call with any questions: or 541.217.0830

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