Make-a-Mess, Monday's, June 17-August 12, 10:30-noon

Make-a-Mess, Monday's, June 17-August 12, 10:30-noon

from 15.00

A chance for kids, ages 7-11 to explore different mediums, practice different processes/techniques and learn to trust their ideas. Each week a different project will be offered with a brief demo and plenty of examples, supplies and support, but then kids can have time to just work(play) with the project.

(If your child is older or younger than the age range suggested and still wants to participate, visit the FAQ’s for more details, or contact

Class size is limited to 12, so preregistration is recommended. Drop ins are advised to message me in advance to confirm there are spots available.

Classes can be purchased by the each ($15) or as a whole ($125).

  • June 17—Color wheels/rainbows—collage: kids will get to tear, sort and arrange magazine bits into the color wheel or a rainbow. This mesmerizing activity will help kids see the nuanced differences in color and how to create texture with collage.

  • June 24—Circle painting—watercolor: by working abstractly, kids will see how colors work with each other, blend and then practice creating texture over those colors with repeated pattern, if time allows..

  • July 1—Zentangled ocean—painting tints, layering pattern: kids will practice making monochromatic colors lighter and darker(value) and then learn some simple patterns to overlay once the watercolor has dried.

  • July 8—Aurora Borealis night-pastels: kids will get messy learning how to use pastels and really see how the light colors pop out from the black paper.

  • July 15—Shoe box room with clothespin people—assemblage:

  • July 22—Tissue paper flower—layered collage: kids will observe how layering works by building up the transparent layers of tissue paper to create depth.

  • July 29—Flip book—animation: kids will get to try their hand at movement. Creating a flip book introduces kids to the how animation works, once they learn to make a ball move across the page, they can animate anything they can imagine with the most basic of materials.

  • August 5—Self portraits—drawing and watercolor: kids will learn some tips and tricks drawing faces and then, time permitting, get to add color with watercolor paints.

  • August 12—Phases of the moon—acrylic and construction: kids will create the phases of the moon using cardboard, paint and glow in the dark paint. once dry, we will construct a mobile.

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