Beginning Painting (acrylic)--Sundays, Feb 3, 10, 17 , 8-10am

Beginning Painting (acrylic)--Sundays, Feb 3, 10, 17 , 8-10am


This series will give participants a chance to explore the materials and the many ways paint can be handled. Participants will become familiar with the basic methods, techniques and tools of painting while simultaneously working on three canvases, so as not to get too precious and remain open to experimentation. This class will not be focused on the end product, but the enjoyment of the challenging and nuanced processes of painting.

Day one—color mixing and theory, value and value scales, neutrals, skin tones and creating a color palette. Building a ground and practicing different blending and brush techniques to activate the canvas.

Day two—discuss composition, elements and principles of design and practice different techniques that create different line qualities, marks/shapes, textures, and volume.

Day three—discuss atmospheric perspective and creating depth in a composition. We will practice different layering techniques, glazing, veiling and using the negative/positive space while painting from observation.

All materials are provided.

This class is for teens and adults. If your child is younger than 15 and interested, please contact me at

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